Friday, May 1, 2009

Santa Monica ($58)

It's flashy, chic, sophisticated and modern. The rings remind me of bubbles, which could be why I named it after a beach city (either that or it reminds me of the ferris wheel on the pier). This necklace will be your favorite statement. Meet Santa Monica.

This necklace is made of horn rings, gold plated rings and gold plated chain.

I did a two for one deal today, considering I slacked off big time with blogging this week! Thanks!

West Hollywood ($28)

West Hollywood is an urban, trendy corner of LA where diversity and creativity are embraced. I couldn't think of a better name for a necklace made out of fuzzy felt spheres. It's funky flavor would definitely fit in on even the hippest of WeHo streets. (*UPDATE* the new design of this has only one large ball in the center instead of 3...but I still have 2 available of this version.)

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